Cultivating Presence


10:30am-1:30pm, Sunday, July 22nd

Yoga Class (1.5 hr)

Investment: $35

Experience a mindfully themed yoga practice with an emphasis on developing greater presence on and off the mat. The class will include guided meditation and simple breathing techniques. The poses will be artfully sequenced and modifications will be offered to accommodate all levels.

Mindfulness Workshop (1.5hr)

An introduction to the science and art of mindfulness, designed to help you cultivate practices to more fully engage with you’re here-and-now experience. Within the workshop, you’ll learn practical ways to create headspace and how to access a consistent place to observe your changing experiences. The methodology is grounded on the concept of learning through experience and is supported by current science in coaching psychology.

ERIN TETARENKO – MSc Coaching Psychology, BSc Kin

Integrating mind and body, Erin has created a coaching approach that helps people strengthen their connection with self and develop transformative practices that empower the way they live and lead. She believes that by developing self-awareness, we create opportunities for shifts towards more conscious living and leading. She has completed a Masters in Psychology of Coaching at the University of Sydney and Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise at the University of Victoria alongside various mindfulness-based coaching and yoga teacher trainings. She draws from current evidence-based psychological theory and practical methodologies.

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