Andrew Misle's Offerings April 20-22

Join Andrew Misle for a three day staycation. 

Treat yourself to one workshop per day and fill the rest of your weekend with whatever you choose. Or choose to attend just one or two workshops.

Friday April 20th 6-8:30pm $40

The Great Devotee: 

Hanumanasana (front splits) symbolizes taking a leap of faith as Hanuman did in service to Lord Rama when he leaped across the ocean to Sri Lanka as told in the ancient text in the Ramayana, 

Reuniting and establishing oneness between Rama (Soul) & Sita (Individual). This class will explore archetype of Hanuman in relation to your life and practice, it will systematically release you hip flexors, while creating stability in your pelvis to access increased openness and range of motion variations for everybody will be explored. 

Saturday April 21st 5-7:30pm $40

My Divine Spine:

Yogananda Parhmahansa quoted “ God is in the Spine “ - it is the balancing of energies in your spine and the openness of the heart centre that can determine the outcome of your spiritual progress. This class is designed to help gain clarity as you learn to support the extension of the spine and develop a radiant presence in the heart. The body is a tool to delve deeper and feel more connected to your spiritual practice.

Sunday April 22nd 3:30-6pm $40

SATTVA Awakening The Intelligence Within:

In this class you will explore your relationship to your body, your breath and your mind. The body is your temple and ultimate playing field of life. Opening the body develops your awareness to seamlessly move between internal and external realities, allowing you access to your highest potential. SATTVA practice opens your body through a challenging yoga sequence, pranayama and guided meditation to strengthen the lungs and centre the mind. This will be invigorating practice to flush, cleanse and heal the body and mind to leave feeling blissful and grounded. 

Investment for individual workshops $40 OR call it a self care retreat weekend staycation all three offerings for $108